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Editorial review


Francisco Martínez Senior editor

WinEcon is a top-quality e-learning and e-teaching tool for those interested in Economics, Business Economics, and Mathematics. It is comprised of ten courses and hundreds of units and interactive graphical tutorials. Widely used in some of the most prestigious British universities, the contents of this utility are fully customizable, both at the teacher’s and the student’s level.
Created by a Consortium of ten UK Economics departments located in ten well-known universities (such as those of Oxford, Greenwich, Leicester, London, Bristol, or Coventry), the level of proficiency these courses provide in the above-mentioned subjects is very high. The interface, however, is suitable for everyone – its simple tab-based design makes it very simple to navigate between courses and among the different chapters and sections into which each course is divided. Among the courses available you will find both already-published books and texts specifically devised for this project. Examples of the former are “Economics and the Business Environment” by Sloman or “Essentials of Economics” by Sloman and Garratt. Among the latter you will find courses on Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economics for schools, etc.

The lessons or sections within the courses are neatly structured and presented as folder trees. The texts themselves are presented in compact tabbed windows, whose tabs follow a pedagogically logical order. However, you can jump freely from tab to tab, chapter to chapter, or even from course to course, reading only those sections you are really interested in. Alternatively, you can follow the interconnected threads proposed by the authors by clicking on various hyperlinks and cross reference buttons available throughout the text.

To assess your progress, WinEcon comes with a useful and convenient battery of true/false tests and quizzes. Besides, to help you make the most of the courses, you are also provided with a calculator, a glossary, and a notebook.


  • Clearly-organized interface.
  • Offers you a wide variety of quizzes to test your progress.
  • Comes with a glossary and a useful notebook.


  • None.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 27.9 MB

Publisher's description

eLearning for economics

- A library of 900+ interactive graphical tutorials
- Economics, Business Economics and Maths
- For PC and network use
- Works with Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai or other VLEs
- Site licences for unlimited users

"The most comprehensive resource for teachers and students of economics"

WinEcon includes a number of features for flexible learning and teaching.

WinEcon can be used 'as is' or in its component parts. Each course includes hundreds of tutorials which can be used to enhance other teaching resources.

The pre-authored courses are arranged into chapters and sections, designed to match taught course. Students can work through a WinEcon course, chapter or section, or dip into individual tutorials.

Each chapter, section or tutorial can also be used individually, and pre-authored courses can be customised to fit an institution's particular modules or texts, and to suit students varying learning abilities.

WinEcon's web-linking gives full web access to any of WinEcon's 1000+ individual topics (tutorials, section or chapter introductions and summaries), each of which can be treated as a separate learning object that may be linked to from your VLE or any document that allows hyperlinks such as Word, PowerPoint, emails, etc.

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